Wheat Genome

Wheat genome databases

Individual chromosome arms are being assembled and annotated. They are made publically available as they are produced using the genome viewer GBrowse2.

Links to available wheat genome viewers are below.

Wheat Pangenome GBrowse Viewers and Search

  1. Wheat Pangenome GBrowse - Version: UWA_1.0
  2. Wheat Pangenome GBrowse Fast Keyword Search - Version: UWA_1.0

Wheat Group 7 GBrowse Viewers and Search

  1. Wheat 7A - Version: 2.0
  2. Wheat 7B - Version: 2.0
  3. Wheat 7D - Version: 2.0

Early Version of Wheat Group 7 GBrowse databases

  1. Wheat 7AS - Version: 0.1
  2. Wheat 7AL - Version: 0.1
  3. Wheat 7BS - Version: 0.1
  4. Wheat 7BL - Version: 0.1
  5. Wheat 7DS - Version: 0.1
  6. Wheat 7DL - Version: 0.1

Batch Download

  1. Wheat Pangenome v1.0 Assembly (md5 checksum file):
  2. Wheat Pangenome v1.0 SNP data: Download (size: 2.1GB, md5: c1242e289225d6e8ea88141dcd578a16); or for each chromosome arms (md5 checksum file):
  3. Wheat Pangenome v1.0 genes Download (size: 18MB, md5: 7e977230feab578791cf86796f175a8b)
  4. Wheat Pangenome v1.0 CDS Download
  5. Wheat Pangenome v1.0 protein sequences Download
  6. Wheat Pangenome v1.0 pav Download (size: 4.2MB, md5: b6466db859940cce26399f6677a03d00)
  7. Wheat Pangenome v1.0 pav table Download (size: 649KB, md5: e068c6cf08a62e1cb6c50f6888eb7072)
  8. Wheat Group 7 v2.0 SNP data: Download (size: 176MB, md5: f673cff08253750f3c06d03ca4cf7641)

Analysis Tools

Wheat genome assembly BLAST portal - results provide direct link to the wheat GBrowse location.

All chromosome arm specific sequence data is available at TAGdb.

Wheat genome cmap - comparative genome and genetic maps

All raw and assembled sequence data is freely available on request.

Please cite

The pangenome of hexaploid bread wheat. Montenegro JD, Golicz AA, Bayer PE, Hurgobin B, Lee H, Chan C-KK, Visendi P, Lai K, Dole┼żel J, Batley J et al. The Plant Journal 2017:n/a-n/a.

WheatGenome.info: An integrated database and portal for wheat genome information. Kaitao Lai, Paul J Berkman, Michal Tadeusz Lorenc, Christopher Duran, Lars Smits, Sahana Manoli, Jiri Stiller, David Edwards. Plant and Cell Physiology (2012) 53(2): e2.

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